Thanks NaBloPoMo: Double-Dog-Dares are my Kryptonite

….(Circa yesterday)

Day 2 of the NaBloPoMo Double-Dog-Dare

So you GOTTA LOVE IT when the universe sends double-dog-dares catapulting right at you…with an aim so straight that they can’t help but hit you SQUARE BETWEEN THE EYES….

That happened yesterday.

Well actually part 2 of 2 happened yesterday.

Part 1 happened a few weeks before…

are you ready

Mission Impossible, (Really?)

I’m a relatively new blogger.  Words have always been part of my existence and I was one of those people who thought, “Oh, maybe one day I’ll blog too”.

A few weeks ago as I lurked through the postings of friends and complete strangers on a small social media platform called Face Book I came across a really funny Blog called Blogdramedy.  You should check it out after you’re done here.  I don’t get anything for telling you this since I have no affiliation with B::D other than a casual exchange of a single email and my incessant need to see what else she and her band of crazy bloggers post onto their collaborative sites.  The gift I got from B::D was in her response to my email, with the nuggets of wisdom and the encouragement to move forward with my desire.

I had already posted my first blog and it didn’t fail.  No one pointed and laughed and the laptop didn’t blow up like the self-destructing tape recorder in a 1970’s episode of Mission Impossible.

Thanks Mission Impossible.

Thanks Mission Impossible.

Some of the nuggets of wisdom B::D shared with me were to: write a lot, comment a lot and find a group setting to participate with…. Fast forward to yesterday…

So, NaBloPoMo (it means National Blog Posting Month) shows up on my blog reader a couple of weeks ago and I ignored it at first and many times after that.  After the millionth time seeing a related post, I finally gave in to moderate curiosity and clicked on the link.


Crap!  Pegged, right between the eyes…

Another double-dog-dare! 

So, this dare is to write a blog every day for 30 days throughout the month of November: a little scary but a perfect opportunity.

I stand on the edge of my proverbial springboard and jump.


Small Group Participation

I joined the group thinking, “Oh, this should be a good small group”

I am number 1060 on the entry list.  There are 1400 as of this morning with more to come.  So much for small…

So, my small band of followers, I know I told you I would be posting once a week but I’m breaking tradition (does three weeks create a tradition?  Hmmm…).  I will be posting daily (God and the writing fairies willing).  Feel free to comment and check out the other bloggers.  There’s some cool stuff out there.

Feedback, following and sharing appreciated!

My Muses!


My Double-Dog-Dare Muses.  Channeling content is exhausting!


Go ahead...leave a comment! I double-dog-dare you! (Plus I really, really want to hear from you)

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