Finding My Someplace Else with Yogi Bear…Oops, I mean Berra

Day 4!  Only 26 more posts to go!

Day 4 of the NaBloPoMo 30-day challenge…

If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.

Yogi Berra

This guy!

Yogi Berra.  Thanks Wikipedia!

This guy ↑ Not this guy ↓

Not this Guy! Thanks Clip Art!

Yogi Bear.  Thanks Clip Art!

I love this quote by Yogi Berra.  I use it a lot in my “day job” because I’m a strategy consultant…constantly driving the point home to my clients that there needs to be, if not a comprehensive multi-level plan, then at least a basic road map.

What if, for once, I don’t have to decide upfront where I want the “someplace else” to be?  I had no idea what to really expect when I took on this challenge.  My only thought was to jump, because I wasn’t afraid of the risk.  So, I think, ending up someplace else is exactly what will happen because it won’t be where I currently am…and it’s okay that I haven’t really decided what that looks like.

When I first started my blog in October, I thought I had a plan.  I planned to post weekly: well thought out and hopefully well composed stories about the things I learned through life’s double-dog-dares.

Then the challenge hit and the plan had to change

Unbeknownst to me, this challenge seems to have a Dare-a-Day built into it and I never know what it’s going to be.  So far these have been my dares….

Day 1:  Jump into the fray

Day 2:  Build a habit and not immediately quit

Day 3:  Get past needing a perfectly thought-out story

Day 4:  Stay open to each day’s new dare

So, fellow bloggers what have your dares and hurdles been as a blogger (this challenge or otherwise)?  And how did you handle the dare?




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