Today’s Double-Dog-Dare: No Procrastination!

Today’s Double-Dog-Dare:  No Procrastination!

Day 5 of the NaBloPoMo 30 Day Challenge


Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.

Wayne Gretzky

Great, well if that’s the case then I’m infected, afflicted, diseased…

I’ve read all kinds of articles on why we procrastinate and how we can overcome our evil ways.  Hmm, sometimes procrastination is good.  It may keep us from leaping before we are ready; allow for time to get our thoughts together; or keep us from being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I for one, if I never procrastinated again would miss the rush of adrenaline I experience (once I’ve stopped procrastinating) when getting a project done under the wire.  I love the mental sharpness that occurs during a sense of urgency and I love the sense of relief when everything’s finished.   I tend to think procrastination, when used for good and not evil, is a way to amass energy, creativity and desire.  Ok, so not always but work with me here…

It’s interesting to ponder procrastination’s circle of life though.  For instance, yesterday, I put off doing the dishes in order to have drinks with a friend.  Then later I put off doing the laundry to finish washing the dishes.  I finally did the laundry to keep from sitting down to write.  I’m now writing now so that I don’t have to make sales calls.  Eventually I’ll have to make sales calls in order to make money.  With money I’ll go to the store to buy food to make dinner.  After eating dinner the dishes will be dirty and…. Oh, look!  We’re back to where we started.  If it were all so simple!

Hmm, I wonder what my double-dog-dare will be tomorrow?  I’ll think about it later…Maybe while doing the dishes…

What do you procrastinate at?
What’s your double-dog-dare today?



15 responses to “Today’s Double-Dog-Dare: No Procrastination!

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  3. I do love the thrill of procrastination. Some of my best papers were written mere hours before they were due. However, now that reality has set in, my procrastination is really this: clean laundry that is knee high because I’d rather watch movies than fold it. Ugh.

    • Are you buying it from the man in the trench coat along with the fake watches or manufacturing it on you own? Hey there’s an idea. Make it, package it and sell it. I’ll have to think about that. Later….
      I have dishes to do!

  4. I am definitely more creative when I procrastinate the sorts of projects that require such creativity. I firmly believe that in my procrastination time, my mind is sub-consciously working on the project, so when I finally sit down and do it, the work is done and all the amazing creativity is just there.

    On the other hand, procrastinating things like the dishes and the laundry only serves to such my happiness. Guess I better get up and do some of those…

  5. Thank you for this new approach to procrastination! I love it!

    Now I just need to expand my list of things I don’t want to do…so I can start getting things done!

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