Unconditional Love: Today’s Double-Dog-Dare

Unconditional Love

Day 6 of the 30-DayNaBloPoMo Writing Challenge


I double-dog-dare you to love me…without conditions

old and grey

at times of play…

giddy, laughing excited

Please love me…

railing at the wind

racing to the end…

tired and sweaty and jubilant

Please love me…

stubborn and proud

gazing at the clouds…

surrounded by the awesomeness of big

Please love me…

strong and fierce

vulnerable and pierced…

by life’s arrows as I lay breathless on the ground

Please love me…

lost and alone

perched high upon my throne…

brought down by your tender touch

to love unconditionally6568464

Please love me…

© 2013 aPlungefromtheHighDive
All Rights Reserved



3 responses to “Unconditional Love: Today’s Double-Dog-Dare

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  2. You know I do!
    Right-side-up and upside-down,
    full of laughter or wearing a frown,
    shining in your strengths or crying in pain,
    the unconditional love between us will sustain…

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