It’s The Little Things!

It’s the little things….

Day 8 of the 30-Day NaBloPoMo Writing Challenge

Honestly, I was feeling a bit mopey when I got up yesterday morning.

I think it was a combination of a poor night’s sleep, the heaviness of working out a few personal issues in the back recesses of my heart, and feeling anxious over general business stuff.

Adding to the challenge was that yesterday was a day I that I had to be at a client’s location, which due to professional courtesy and close proximity to others kept me from playing music and loudly singing along.  (This always helps brighten my mood).  I also couldn’t modify my schedule to change my surroundings (read: pack up my briefcase and head to the beach).

I needed a 7th inning stretch about two hours in and decided to stroll down the hall to see who I could bother, distract or talk to.  Adjusting my pocket to insert my phone I realized there were too many “somethings” in the way… More receipts probably…

As I fished around to clear my pocket wouldn’t you know but out comes a wad of money!


Ok, so it wasn’t hundreds of dollars it was only $7, but it might as well be manna from heaven!  This is unbudgeted, untethered money.  Mad money like my grandma kept in the coffee can behind the laundry soap.

My big paycheck was still one day away and like every good consultant I slide right into my next billing cycle by the skin of my teeth with very little disposable play money.

Do you have any idea what $7 can buy?

…Especially if gets added to the $2.43 in change in my cup holder?

Let’s start with the priorities and think this thing through:

√  Gas tank?  Full!

√ Fridge?  Full enough!

√ Dog Food Bin?  Full! … (Gotta keep the muses happy)

√ Wine Cellar?  Empty!

Ugh the horror!

Well it’s not totally empty.  There are bottles there that can’t be touched.  Some are in the “Waiting to Mature” row or the “Too Expensive to Drink Alone on a Weeknight” row or the row marked “Hold for Someone Who Really Likes Sweet White Wine”.  You can clearly see my dilemma!

Obviously the highest and best use for this $7 was to rectify the intolerable status of my wine cellar by purchasing my favorite bottle of everyday drinking wine.  Yeah, yeah I know, let’s be clear, the bottle wasn’t ever actually in the wine cellar but that’s not really the point now is it?

So my mopey day turned happy.  All I needed was $7 and a small adventure through the wine aisle.  Of course I had to read the labels of many but left with the good old standby.  Ah, the little things!

I hope they like the free advertising!

I hope they like the free advertising!

What little things put you back on track?

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3 responses to “It’s The Little Things!

  1. Lately for me it’s finding little bits of surprise unscheduled time. I feel like I’ve won the lottery when I realize I have a whole hour to do whatever I want!

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