What Do You See When You Look Over At Me?

What do you see when you look over at me?

Love and the future, or the desire to be free?

The actions, the words, they’re all out of sync

Creating imbalance

So what did you think?

When you left me alone

To reflect and to muse

Alone with my thoughts, my feelings, to chose

The next steps in my life, in your life as well

Responsible for choosing our heaven, our hell

The question however that chases my mind is

What if they’re different?

Not at all in alignment

Our needs and our wants

Do we even know how?

Closed hearts to be opened, can we even allow

The love, the emotion, the passion so spent

Embattled and bruised by each argument

Do we have what it takes to rebuild and regrow?

Or do we pack up the pieces and let broken hearts go?


© 2013 aPlungefromtheHighDive

All Rights Reserved

Day 10 of 30 for the NaBloPoMo Writing Challenge



2 responses to “What Do You See When You Look Over At Me?

  1. You don’t need to dare me because I’m more than willing…anxios to respond, It seems this poem was a word in due season! written just for me when I couldn’t articulate my thoughts on my own. Thank you so much for sharing. Reading this at this exact time and day was simply amazing!!


    • I’m so glad it spoke to your soul. Doesn’t it feels so much better to know we are not alone in the universe and that other hearts are feeling the same pain? Thank you for your comment. It is beautiful. Here’s to healing and clarity. Cheers!

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