Little Moments…My Favorite Time WIth You…

Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder Don’t you know the hardest part is over? Let it in, let your clarity define you In the end we will only just remember how it feels Our lives are made in these small hours These little wonders, these twists and turns of fate Time falls away but these small hours These small hours still remain

Rob Thomas – Little Wonders Lyrics


Little moments, small hours, favorite moments

Sips of wine, sips of whiskey

Cool breath, hot fingers, searing touch

Football stats, sideways smiles

Chasing knots across tense shoulders

Weight of the world slowly abating

Back into the recesses of life, awake

Big love, small smiles, the promise of tomorrow

Love’s soft embrace

Passion erupting, release, surrender

An image evaporating into the shadows of night

Tomorrow’s horizon witnesses its return

Small moments waiting to envelope me again

Small wonders… your gift to me…

© 2013 aPlungeFromtheHighDive
All Rights Reserved
Half way through the 30-day NaBloPoMo Blogging Challenge



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