Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m a Wine-Oh! So What?

Day 16 of the 30-Day NaBloPoMo Blogging Challenge…

That means I’m technically over the hump!  Sliding down the backside of the big hill… Only 14 more to go after this one!

So if you read my post on PROCRASTINATION (click here to refresh your memory or… wait until later….) you will know that I am easily distracted and prefer to put anything in front of the mundane chores of laundry, dish washing and house cleaning.

Maybe it’s the full moon but today was different.  Perhaps, upon further reflection I may even need my head examined.  I had the opportunity to attend a wine tasting event this afternoon.  If you know anything about me, you would have expected me to ditch all of life’s responsibilities and go to this.  I am after all a self-proclaimed Wine-Oh!  (As in, “Oh my God, I love wine!”)


Instead, maturity and common sense bombarded me simultaneously and bolted the front door shut, requiring me to focus on my domestic duties.  You see, being the strategist that I am, I’ve calculated that I only have so many days to actually get the toilets clean and the laundry done before the Thanksgiving week is upon us.  I work outside of the home during the day, so I don’t count the weekday evenings as a cleaning opportunity and besides that, most weekday evenings are spent catching up on client files and blogging anyway…(once the offspring goes to bed)…or drinking wine…well I’m a very solid and highly proficient multi-tasker so there’s always a combo of (fill in the blank) ____________ and wine drinking.

So today was the day to scrub toilets, mop floor, dust and vacuum, and do voluminous mounds of laundry.  (Please call me if you’d like a job folding and putting away laundry…not my highest and best use!)


My muses were happy to have me home and assumed the position of contemplation (read: napping) most of the day except for the occasional lightning burst of speed out the doggie door to blurt out a single bark, return to the sofa and back sound asleep… all in less than 30 seconds.


So, apparently my DOUBLE-DOG-DARE today was to stay the course and drink wine while accomplishing domestic chores rather than go out into the world and drink new wine with new people… Mission accomplished!

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