Reasons Why I Want To Be an Adult (As Told By My 10-Year Old Son)

Reasons Why I Want To Be An Adult:

These are based on all the reasons my 10 year old wants to be an adult.  Hint: His siblings are 14 years older

  1. I can drink wine (Well duh!  Why does he think I became an adult!)
  2. No one tells me when to take a shower
  3. I can use a calculator instead of having to solve the problem by hand and show my work.  (Ex:  What is 300÷26?  Use remainders not decimals.)calculator
  4. I can drive (Yeah baby, and fast too!)
  5. I can play any video game I want no matter what the rating (My kid is making a huge assumption here.  The only video game I can actually play is Pac Man…and maybe Pong)1051897-pacman
  6. I don’t have to go to school. (Trust me, you still get schooled…Every. Single. Day)
  7. I can fart without getting in trouble…(well that’s what he thinks)
  8. I can read as late as I want and it can be any book even if it has blood and curse words. (He’ll soon learn that too many curse words and too much blood disallows sleep)
  9. I can stay up later than 8:30. (I wish I could)
  10. I can walk right into the older boys room (his brothers) without knocking or permission.  (Oh god I always knock)
  11. I can boss everybody around without being told to mind my own business.  (As if)
  12. I would be right about almost everything even when I’m not.  (Are you kidding?  As a parent you’re never right!)

I want to sign up to be this adult!

So what crazy disillusioned ideas do your kids have about being an adult?
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4 responses to “Reasons Why I Want To Be an Adult (As Told By My 10-Year Old Son)

  1. Okay, I asked my kiddo today…
    Note: This is the kid that threatened to put parental controls on our TV because he felt we were too obsessed with a TV series we were watching with HIM! That was the week he suggested we take a time out and think about our lives… Context, you know, is everything!

    1. Go to the casino and gamble. (LOL! Really? #1?)
    2. Go to a bar. (Dear God…where is this going?)
    3. Have a credit card. (Well, now I know how he’s going to pay for #1 and #2.)
    4. Drive.
    5. Have a job. (Whew!)
    6. Skydive. (Deep breath. I’m not ready for THAT!)
    7. Get married. (Maybe after I get through the skydiving adventure!)
    8. Have a business. (He’s been an entrepreneur and monopoly genius since he was 4!)
    9. Make my own decisions. (That’s MY kid!)
    10. Have a family.

    Fun stuff. Karie, he said, “Tell Karie, I double-dog-dare her back.”

    Why do YOU want to be an adult?
    It’s a good question.
    This week, I would have rather been coloring and painting by numbers! LOL

  2. ALWAYS knock (and wait). Always. That’s like Mom Rule #2. Ha! That’s an awesome list though! Yesterday, my son said, “When I’m older, I’ll never have to diagram a sentence. It’s STUPID. No boss is going to make you do that.”

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