What the Bleep Happened to Saturday?


Oh, Crap!

…I woke up with a start.

I forgot to post my blog yesterday!

Day 23 for the blogging challenge was met with the sound of crickets off my page.

Darn it!  I wanted to be consistent…I wanted to be perfect…I wanted to fulfill the double-dog-dare!

As I shook the cobwebs from my sleepy brain, trying to figure out what went wrong, a smile crossed my face.

Reliving my Saturday, I couldn’t help but by happy.  Yesterday was one of my special days.  In “Mom” terms it ranks right up there with the super bowl, best one-day-sale ever, winning the lottery and getting a mani-pedi all in one day.

My boys were home…all three of them…for no reason whatsoever.  No national holiday, no crisis, no celebration.  Just us…all day long.  You see, I have a 24-year old son, a 24-year old foster son and a 10-year old son.  They are stinky (just because all boys are) and loud and handsome and smart and amazing humans.  They love their mom, and show it consistently.

We started with brunch.  One brought the food, one brought the adult beverages and one played video games (that would be the 10 year old in case you’re not keeping up).

I cooked.  They cleaned.  We had mimosas.  Some with orange juice and champagne, some with just champagne and some with just orange juice…. (Keep the perspective people!  The 10-year old doesn’t drink!))

6575620We had eggs with fresh herbs from my herb garden (my latest foray into “gardening”), and sausage and toast with real Danish butter (YUM!).

After that, we had rounds and rounds of stories, banter and laughter; interspersed with trips down to the garage taking boxes I don’t have room for in the house (new smaller apartment), sprinkled with a conglomeration of college football games.  Life doesn’t get any better… Oh and after the champagne, there was wine and beer….  Dinner hit around 4:30 with pizza, wings, and salad.  It was all I could do to place the order.  After that, my two eldest sons had to leave.

My little guy and I then went in search of something to watch… We struck gold with the holiday movies on the family channel and settled in for a long winter’s nap…oops, wrong story.  But seriously I was asleep by 6:30.   Just after 7:30 we pulled our limp bodies off the couch and tucked ourselves into my huge bed to finish watching holiday movies; him, over the top of his electronic device and me, through the center of my eyelids.  By 9:15pm I declared truce and ordered all electronics off.

Mmm…Time to sleep…  Zzz…Time to dream…Oh, crap!  I didn’t post my blog!

©2013 aPlungefromtheHighDive
All Rights Reserved
Day 24 of the 30-Day NaBloPoMo Blogging Challenge



4 responses to “What the Bleep Happened to Saturday?

  1. Just heard this line for the first time tonight. Maybe it was for both of us!

    “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live…” Professor Dumbledore

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