Cribbage, Rummy, Backgammon and other R –Rated Sexy Adult Games


So… I was in my prime in the 1980’s and could still “bring it” clear into the 1990’s.

But into the new millennium I do believe I went from being a worthy Pin-Up -Girl, to a definite One-Candle-Girl…but I digress.

First, let me apologize to my offspring.

Two of them are old enough to log onto anything they want, and read anything they want, and they will probably read this…(so both of you…log off if you don’t want to go any further…you know who you are).  Otherwise this would be the proverbial parental hand across the eyeballs move right…..about……now…..buh-bye!

For the rest of you…On to the meaty stuff….


Have you ever spent an afternoon playing cribbage or rummy or backgammon with someone of the opposite sex and feel the endorphins of competition kick in?  Add a glass, or two, or six, of wine and OMG let’s play!

Yes, I know you've seen this picture before...many, many times...and so what?  This is part of the program...

Yes, I know you’ve seen this picture before…many, many times…and so what? This is part of the program…

How fun is it to really, really, really play…I’m not talking about the 80’s version of strip-whatever just to throw the opponent off… I figured out in those days less clothing meant I won because I could then out think my opponent if I distracted them sufficiently…Today it is about the art of the play not about the nakedness…

I like this new world of adult competition.  Friends siting around with their shoes off reverting back into a basic, primal competitive place and loving the vibe that comes from it.  We are refreshed and rejuvenated if only for a second…

For me it feels just like the jog back into the classroom after recess in the second grade when the world was perfect…

I think as adults we should schedule that critical competitive moment with people who match our skills and play until the game is over….  The smiles that creep onto our faces and seep into our souls are invaluable.

Today was that day…

Good-night worthy opponent!  Until our next match!

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