The Benefits of Capsizing Your Canoe


Eenie, Meenie Miney Moe…you all in the back seats have just got to go!

I case you were wondering why I haven’t blogged since Thanksgiving it’s because I’ve been busy capsizing and right-sizing my canoe.  I’ve actually been working on it since April of 2013 but the final push took place between Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to make sure I wasn’t bringing any unnecessary baggage into the New Year.  When I originally began the process, I started by hand-selecting who I was throwing out of the vessel and pitching them overboard one at a time.  That process, my friend, is slow and tedious, and certain folks will sneak over to the other side and re-board the canoe if you’re not paying close attention.

Dragging Oars, Asses and Anchors

1506159There’s nothing worse than looking behind you to see that not a single soul past the second row is paddling.  Not only are they not paddling, but their dragging their oars, asses or anchors (or all three) while the core group is paddling with a mighty fervor.

This is not the deal!  There is no free ride.  Oh sure, everyone wanted in when we were moving with the current.  But these last two years we were going upstream and the salmon were passing us at breakneck speed!  This trek requires all oars in the water!

Unfortunately, I lost a few good passengers along the way, not by choice but because they were called to something greater…  My dad was 87 and finally got his invitation to the join the great Bingo game in heaven and my assistant left because she’s amazing and got a great job offer.  But the real issue was the dead weight in the back of the boat that needed to be dealt with.  It was stuck to the seats like melted gum in the summer heat and prying it off was taking way too much effort.

That’s when it hit me…the best I could do was pass out life jackets and the master plan to the people I still wanted in the boat.  I let them know they were going to get wet…and that they needed to stay with the craft once we dumped it completely.  I told them that as soon as I called the “all clear” we would right-size the canoe and dump ourselves back in.

Thank You YMCA and Camp Lake Sequoia

Fortunately for me, when I was a YMCA camper at Camp Lake Sequoia from 1972-1977 we learned how to do this.  5216861In order to get your advanced boating badge and have free-run of the lake during water time, you had to prove your swimming ability and then prove you could recover your canoe after capsizing it in the middle of the lake and then of course get yourself safely back in.  What luck!  It’s so awesome when life’s lessons from the second grade become apparent later in adulthood!  Sah-weeeet!

Yay for 2014 and a Right-Sized Canoe!

I’m super excited for 2014 and I’m super excited to be back blogging.  More importantly…I love who’s now occupying the seats of my canoe.  Not as many bodies but boy do they know how to paddle!

I Double-Dog-Dare you to capsize your canoe!  Who knows what could happen then?


2 responses to “The Benefits of Capsizing Your Canoe

  1. Wooohooo!!! It does feel a lot lighter, and I didn’t mind the dunk at all! Now, here’s your life jacket…get ready, I’m about to capsize mine too! 🙂

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