New Possibilities…

Along My Path…

Every Wednesday atrafficnd Thursday, as I drive to my client’s office, I take the same path…And each time as I exit the freeway, I am forced to turn right…and then make the first U-turn possible, to get back to my destination.  I’ve been doing this now for three years, so it’s safe to say I can navigate on autopilot; allowing my mind to wander and ponder over the next things the morning has to offer.  A couple of months ago the landscape changed slightly because I noticed a new woman who was always in the exact same spot.

Sometimes standing.  Sometimes sitting.  But always there.

Let me be clear… She is not at a bus stop, park bench or street corner. There is no “X” marking the spot. It is just a random location, on a sea of sidewalk…along a very busy street. But it’s her spot.  Important to her in ways I cannot see.  She is small in stature, and homeless, but that’s not what this conversation is about.

What both intrigues me and comforts me, is that she always chooses the very same spot.

Every.  Single.  Day.

Why there?

What calls her to that exact place? 

What bond makes her stay?

She is not there to wave at the cars going by, or casually observe people walking on the other side of the street.

She stands with her back to the traffic; a block wall as her view…

Hands close to her chest, clutching earnestly at what seems to be white paper towels.  Her head is down, staring intently at her treasure, as though willing it to reveal the secrets of the universe to her. She wears a hoodie that conceals most of her face so I can only imagine the look from her eyes.  Today she was there again. This time, as I watched her, a new thought flooded me.

She is symbolic of so many of us.

We stand in the same exact spot…every day of our lives, holding onto the things that we know…the hurts, the losses, the fears and the memories…Demanding old ghosts to morph in our hands and change our lives magically all while turning our backs on the traffic of new possibilities.

Today I will change my spot and boldly face the traffic.

What will you do?  I Double-Dog-Dare you to face the Traffic of Possibilities.  I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Go ahead...leave a comment! I double-dog-dare you! (Plus I really, really want to hear from you)

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