About the Blog

Life is funny.  It gives you opportunities for all kinds of things.  Some you chose and some chose you.  I want to share the experience of the jump when someone blurts out a double-dog-dare or the universe simply pushes you… The choice you make next is yours.  I prefer humor to curling up in a ball and hiding under the blankets so I will do my best to tell you stories… Hopefully fun ones, but I can’t promise not to be serious once in a while.  Some will be mine and some will be from others I’ve met along the way…

What’s your double-dog-dare that challenged you to take a plunge from the high dive?

About Me

After 22 years of corporate bios and resumes (you can still find those on LinkedIn and my website), I wanted to tell you about me.  Not just what I’ve done, but who I am.  So, here’s stuff about me.  Not necessarily in any prioritized order…

I grew up on a cul-de-sac street in Southern California with 11 boys.  One of them was my brother.

I was one of the youngest but not one of the smallest.  I was one of the fastest and I had a pink bike.

I started speaking in complete sentences (so Mom says) at age 2 and have not stopped talking since.

I failed nap-time in preschool and kindergarten…something about not being able to stay quiet, (go figure).

I was only allowed to hold the prestigious job of “Milk Monitor” once in Kindergarten.  I’ll tell you that story later and (sigh) yes it had a lot to do with a double-dog-dare.

When I was in elementary school, girls couldn’t wear pants (no I’m not a pioneer), so I always had shorts on under my dresses since most of my free time was spent upside down or perched on the cross bar high above the swing set.

I don’t tan…not because I don’t want to.  I just simply can’t.  I have freckles.  Mom called them dirt spots…the old man outside of the general store in San Antonio Texas when I was 4 years old said they were angel kisses.  I like his version better.

My guardian  angel spent most of my youth cringing as I had a propensity to hurtle myself off many things…like balance beams, uneven parallel bars, diving boards, roof tops and the pepper tree out in the back yard.

I love the water and have gills right behind my ears. (Seriously?  What do you think?)

I love to laugh.  I love to read.  I love to discuss.  I love animals (no reptiles, thank you).  I currently have two dogs.  Yes, dogs will be in my stories.

I cry.

I apparently didn’t get my fill of boys growing up.  I have three of my own…two biological and one foster son.  And I love them!

I love puzzles of all kind.  I’m a solver and a strategist.  I must have a plan, be working on a plan, be deconstructing a plan…..

If there is a challenge I’m in.  The words “Double-Dog-Dare” are my kryptonite propelling me immediately into “Oh Yeah?  Watch this!” (Yes, this will be a recurring theme).

I have learned over time that…Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

In 2011 my Entrepreneurial adventure began.

I have a wicked sense of humor that I desperately try to filter and put the brakes on.  Maybe blogging will give it an outlet.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hello what a wonderful intro to yourself! Thank you for the follow. This is to inform you that my poetry blog is a bilingual one. So you may get notices on an Italian one once in a while but an English one will soon follow. I’m doing my best to keep the posts balanced. Keep up the good work, Anna

    • Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. I saw that your blog was bilingual. I love that. I am fluent in Spanish so reading your Italian posts is somewhat doable and fun. I can’t wait to really get in and read more if your entries. The two I read were beautiful. Looking forward to reading liking and commenting on them.

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